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MVLA San Jose is committed to developing strong, skilled soccer players and provides a competitive playing experience for all club teams. Currently, our teams play in both NorCal Premier League and Cal North Youth Soccer League.

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NorCal believes the primary focus of a successful soccer program will be the individual player and their families. Norcal aims to provide:

  • Simple administration

  •   High level of competition with multiple divisions of play

  •   Flexible rosters

  •   Year-round play

  •   A healthy competitive, fun environment


The mission of Cal North is to serve all children and communities by providing opportunities that allow each child to grow, learn, mature, and succeed by becoming productive adult members of society through the development, promotion, and offer, regardless of race, color, religion, age, sex, national origin and/or ability, comprehensive community-based leagues that offer a complete range of youth soccer opportunities for all children of all ages and abilities.



Breakers Spring Cup 2023 Finalist

2014G Venom Blue


Breakers Spring Cup 2023 Champions

2013G Venom Blue

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