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toy soldier program

strength & speed program overview

This program isn't just your typical three-month plan with a set finish line. It's more of a journey, a partnership between you and Coach Toy that grows as the seasons change, especially when you're young. Building up your strength and speed early is crucial. Coach Toy crafted this program with your goals in mind. It's all about boosting your speed, strength, and coordination while also doing the important things to help prevent injuries. Plus, it's designed so that each phase builds upon the last, helping you get even better over time. Whether you decide to do the body weight only program, or the weighted option, both programs are guaranteed to help you prepare for your upcoming season. And here's the exciting part – when your sports season starts, you'll feel the difference and be ahead of the game. Coach Toy plans to host another combine testing day right before the season begins so you can see the results of your efforts. It's not just about numbers; it's about tracking your amazing progress and giving you support as we dive into the upcoming season.

Heading into a high school season?

 Not to worry, this program can be run in conjunction with your high school season.


Phase 1- Work Capacity:

 For an athlete to improve, they must be able to withstand a certain threshold of work. This phase will help to build the base to allow you to manage tougher loads in the upcoming phases.

Phase 2- General Strength:

 If you want to run faster, you need strength. If you want to kick the ball harder, you need strength. If you want to be able to win a 50/50 ball against a bigger player, you need strength. Towards the end of this phase, you will begin to feel the difference on the field.

Phase 3- Specific Strength & Power:

 As you approach the start of your season, it is important to be a healthy balance of strong and fast. That is where power comes in. Phase 3 is where we start introducing faster movements and developing explosive power. If these types of exercises are introduced too early, it can cause injury. So, it’s important to go through the base phases first in order to prepare your body for competition-like forces.

which program is right for me?

level 1


 This level is perfect for ages 7-12 years old who are just beginning their training journey. It meshes body weight only exercises with banded exercises for light resistance and provides time to learn technique before adding weight. The videos that go along with each exercise will show you the movement and the notes section will add extra cues to help you do it right. 

level 2

 This level program is perfect for ages 12+ years old who have some experience in the weight room. The program requires access to weight room equipment (dumbbells, cables, physioball, etc). The videos that go along with each exercise will show you the movement and the notes section will add extra cues to help you do it right. 

Upcoming In-season Phases:

 Once we are in season the work doesn’t stop. A plan specifically designed for competition phase will be made available to you so that you can continue to build your strength, power, and explosiveness while maximizing your performance on the field.

How will I receive the program?

 Coach Toy has designed the workout on the app called “TeamBuildr”. Once you click “Register Now” you will be taken to a webpage that allows you to see an overview of the workout as seen in the app. Once you click “purchase”, you will be asked to first register for a TeamBuildr Account, complete your new account, and finish purchasing the program. After you complete the purchase, download the “Teambuildr” App and log in. Your workout will begin the Monday after your purchase. The app allows you to track weights (if applicable), includes video demonstrations of all exercises, and has a journal section to load your own video progress or leave notes about specific exercises. Coach Toy will be able to see if you are completing the workouts and will be cheering you on.  

three phones.PNG

Extra Membership Benefits:

 Coach Toy will host a Live Webinar twice a month to present on topics like nutrition, speed,  video analysis, and answer any questions you may have about the program.


*Early Bird Special: (Ends Nov 15th): *$199
Regular Price: *$249

(Use Coupon Code MVLA50)


*If you attend the Winter Combine you will receive an extra coupon code for 10% off the early bird price.  

Want a customized program specifically designed for your player?

Contact Coach Toy at: for additional programming needs.

MVLA San Jose Winter Soccer Combine 

"You can't improve what you don't measure"

MVLA San Jose is excited to bring to you our very first Soccer Combine event! The recently named 2023 California High School Strength Coach of the Year, Michelle Toy will host this event allowing our players to see where they stand with speed and power. Coach Toy will go through a series of speed, agility, and jumping tests to provide your player with their baselines so they can track their progress against themselves and their peers.

Combine Tests

  • 10m Sprint

  • 30m Sprint

  • Pro Agility

  • Vertical Jump

  • Broad Jump

"What do I do with my scores?"

After the combine is complete, Coach Toy will offer our MVLA SJ group a 3 month online strength and speed program. This program will be customized specifically for your player focusing on injury prevention, strength, and speed. Players will have the ability to track their progress as well as participate in live Q&A sessions twice monthly with Coach Toy via GoogleMeet. Everything from testing to program personalization, you want it, she's got it. Read more about her programs on the MVLA San Jose website here.

* Please note that combine sessions are one hour in length. Each day states the time as 5pm-8pm and what that is referring to is a general time slot. When you register for the combine Coach Toy will notify you of your specific time between 5pm-8pm.

about me

 Michelle Toy embarked on her athletic journey at the early age of four, where her love
for soccer was ignited in her hometown of Kauai, Hawaii. This early start in the world of
sports played a pivotal role in shaping her dreams of pursuing a career in athletics.
Throughout her high school years, Coach Toy showcased remarkable versatility as a 4-
sport athlete, excelling in soccer, basketball, volleyball, and cross country. Her
dedication both on and off the field culminated in her being honored with the Scholar
Athlete Award and achieving the esteemed position of Valedictorian during her senior

 Fueled by an unwavering passion for sports, Coach Toy pursued higher education at the
University of Hawaii, Manoa, where she delved into the realms of Kinesiology and
Rehabilitative Sciences. Armed with both a bachelor's and master's degree, she has
dedicated the last 12 years to making a significant impact within the San Jose sports
community. Her roles as a mentor and trainer are driven by a relentless commitment to
guiding and nurturing athletes and it has not gone unnoticed. Over the past few years,
Coach Toy has been asked to be a speaker at two conferences to share her knowledge
about injury prevention and plyometric training. Furthermore, she has recently been
named the 2023 California State Coach of the Year by the NHSSCA. She was the first
female in the state of California to receive that award.

 This year, Coach Toy founded Toy Soldier Training, a venture driven by her profound
desire to shape the futures of young athletes. However, it's not merely her academic
accomplishments that set her apart. Her innate ability to connect with athletes and
foster a welcoming and positive training environment is what truly defines her approach.
Her sessions are infused with an infectious energy that inspires and empowers those
she trains.

 With a special dedication to youth development, particularly in soccer, Coach Toy
recognizes the transformative potential of early strength and speed training for the
longevity of an athlete's career. As a result, she's excited to collaborate with MVLA San
Jose, creating a positive and enriching experience for all those seeking to elevate their
game. Coach Toy's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to sports and
the development of the athletes she influences.

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