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charlize tungol

Charlize Tungol is a Bay Area native, born in Daly City and raised in San Jose. She attended Millbrook Elementary School in the Evergreen area and started playing school soccer at Quimby Oak Middle. From there, she went to Evergreen Valley High School to play varsity soccer all four years. For club, she played for PAC, South San Jose, and Santa Clara Sporting. Now she is playing soccer at the collegiate level at Evergreen Valley College.


Charlize has coached youth futsal for Legends Futsal, but is now moving over to competitive youth soccer for MVLA San Jose. Her biggest inspiration in coaching is Coach Fern from EVC and Coach Jodi of MVLA. Her favorite part of coaching is being a role model for young girls and creating an environment for empowering girls and women in sports. Charlize's favorite soccer memory is making a PK to win the state cup final with her team in 2018, and scoring in the last minute goal to win against conference rivals West Valley College 2022.


She roots for Manchester United and FC Barcelona on the men's side, and is an all-time supporter of the USWNT. Charlize wants to give a special thanks to Coach Felicia for allowing her to continue her soccer career at a higher level, and for Coach Anthony who guided her to love her position, the 6, so much as a youth player.

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