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Michael Alvarez

Born and raised here in San Jose. Started playing soccer when I was 4 years old and never stopped playing. 


Went to Santa Teresa high School and played all 4 years there. Ended senior year earning MVP. Red shirted for a year at West Valley college for a year and really started focusing on coaching after that. 


Spent Covid year training virtually and as things opened up a bit, obtained the D level license from U.S. soccer. Started coaching summer camps and and moved on quickly to helping out different teams. Eventually coaching a 2002 team for South San Jose. Once that team disbanded, I moved on and started helping out Jodi Washington with Central Valley that turned into the earthquakes academy program. We then decided to leave the earthquakes to start up the San Jose Surf girls side before finally stopping here at MVLASJ. Also found myself coaching the Santa Teresa High School Girls program over the last 5 years. Controlling the Varsity for the last 4. 


For me my biggest inspiration has always been my old club coach Steve Sellers. He has taught me a lot in not only the game of soccer but just how to be a good human. Taught me that this is more then just a game. 


The best part about coaching is just bringing the game that I have always loved and to a new generation of players. Seeing their reaction when they finally nail a move or hit a banger of a shot is priceless.


It's really hard to pick 1 moment because just being with my team was great. If I had to pick one it probably was playing in a tournament and scoring a goal to start the comeback after conceding 2 goals and getting a red card with in the team and ending up wining the game to get to the championship. Coaching wise probably has to be when we were down by 3 goals and in the last 12 minutes of the game, winning 2 PKs and scoring 2 more goals to win the game all in the last 12 minutes of the game.


Growing up watching a lot teams play. My team has to be Manchester City. Just watching them play has always been fun. Back in 2012 watching them win the league title right after Manchester United won the game and within 10 minutes City scored 2 goals in stoppage time to steal the title away from them was great to see.


Special things goes to my old coach Steve and to Jodi for giving me a chance to coach club over the last couple years. Biggest thanks to my parents though for always helping me in whatever I do.

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