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Phillip Casillas

Coach Phillip is a decorated USMC veteran who serve 2 tours of combat in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. After his honorable discharge, he started a family in San Jose, CA.  Coach Phillip has  been a coach  in the Bay Area for 10 years. He started out as a private school coach, then transitioned to a public coach once his daughter became old enough to play. 


He has 19 years of playing experience, with his highest level of play was JUCO.  Coach Phillip believes A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life!  I had many different coaches growing up, won and lost countless games, but I still remember the life lessons they imparted in me. Hard work, always pays off no matter what you do ", he said. “When a player doesn’t believe they can do something, and with hard work achieve their goal, that is the reason I coach. In that moment they gain confidence in themselves. The fear they previously had is gone. They set their eyes on another goal", he closed.


Coach Phillip’s favorite soccer memory isn’t from his playing time but of his daughter Pixi’s first soccer goal.  In his off time, Coach Phillip likes to watch sports. His favorite team is the San Francisco 49ers. His favorite player is Lebron James of the LA Lakers. His favorite soccer team was the 1998 Brazil World Cup Team.

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