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victor bernardez

Victor was born in La Ceiba, Honduras. He began his professional soccer career in 2001 with the Motagua Sports Club in Honduras and played for the Honduran National Team in two World Cups.  In 2012, Victor signed with the San Jose Earthquakes where he played for 6 years before retiring in 2017.  In January 2021 Victor was honored with a nomination into the MLS Hall of Fame. Victor has had a love of futbol for as long as he can remember. That love ignited a passion and that passion is what fueled his mindset. 


Through years of hard work and dedication, Victor achieved his dreams. Those qualities used to achieve his dreams are the same qualities he brings as a coach when training his players.  And it is those qualities that not only lead to success on the field, but off the field as well.


The transition from professional soccer player to coach was a natural transition for him and what better place to coach than with young developing players. Victor believes that by training athletes to improve their physical endurance and technique they become players capable of far more than they can imagine. Every athlete and every team is different and as a coach Victor is able to pivot and adjust training in a way that helps the team and the player. 


Victor enjoys working out each morning and spending time with his family. During the week he spends as much time as he can with his wife and daughters Ananda and Megan. He enjoys his time training one on one with players and then hitting the field with his teams to train some more. Victor holds his National "B License and is always eager to learn more.

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